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Support the Performing Arts at NVD         

NPAPA Membership
Pease consider becoming a member of NPAPA.  All proceeds from our membership drive underwrite
programming for all of our students and support the end of year student scholarships. 
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The Norsemen Performing Arts Parents Association is a non-profit organization, open to all, dedicated to promoting the performing arts programs at Northern Valley Regional HS at Demarest. Membership consists of parents and grandparents of current students, alumni, and other supporters of the Music and Theater Departments.   

What does the NPAPA do?

Fundraises primarily through membership in order to:

  • award annual scholarships ($5,500 was awarded to performing arts students in 2019-2020), 
  • provide grants for music and theater study, 
  • underwrite guest artists to work and speak with students, 
  • assist training for drum majors in marching band
  • contribute to students’ fundraising initiatives, 
  • offer lunch to students on middle school visit days, 
  • provide opportunities for social meet and greet events after concerts, 
  • commission new instrumental composition for NV

In recent years, we supported a special initiative “Prelude to Piano” which helped the school acquire a new Steinway grand piano for the department.

NPAPA also works closely with the performing arts faculty and

  • act as liaison between faculty and parents
  • provide support for the teachers’ curriculum needs
  • coordinate and volunteer at events such as concerts, plays and musicals 

NPAPA takes a very proactive role in representing the best interests of the music and theater programs to the talented students, dedicated faculty, supporting school and the community.  

Please become a member, be involved, and support NPAPA!  You need to be a member of NPAPA in order for your student to be eligible for any scholarship.  Please volunteer at events and attend NPAPA meetings.  Let’s advocate for the performing arts at Northern Valley Demarest!

Feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, or suggestions.


Your NPAPA Board

Fall Performing Arts Showcase
Thu, Oct 27, 2022
NVD Auditorium

Fall Performing Arts Showcase

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